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At Albatross Cars, we welcome new drivers to join our team of dedicated professionals. If you're looking for a rewarding career in the transportation industry, we provide an opportunity to work with a reputable and customer-focused Derbyshire company.

We onboard drivers from the following councils 

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Derby-County-Football-Club-300x230 copy.gif
Derby-County-Football-Club-300x230 copy.gif
Derby-County-Football-Club-300x230 copy.gif
Derby-County-Football-Club-300x230 copy.gif
Derby-County-Football-Club-300x230 copy.gif

and all Hackney Carriage Badge Holders across the UK


Driven by
Our Community

Albatross Cars is all about fostering a community-driven taxi service. We're looking for individuals who enjoy connecting with our customers and excel in doing so. 

albatross cars derby
albatross cars derby
albatross cars derby taxi
albatross cars derby
albatross cars derby
derby taxis

Why Albatross Cars?

As an Albatross driver, you'll enjoy the benefits of a flexible schedule, competitive compensation, and the support of a company that values safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We're a proud Local Derbyshire Company working with Local Derbyshire Drivers - We're always on the lookout for motivated individuals who are committed to delivering top-notch service to our customers.

 Competitive Meter Rates with minimum fare.

 Work Across all over Derbyshire.

 Health & Wellness Classes.

Regular Contract work.

 Dedicated Direct Support Team.

 24/7 365 Days Priority Support Line

 £2 Extra Per Journey for Fri & Sat Nights.

 Surge Fees during Peak Hours.

 Christmas & New Year Surge Fees

 Flexible Working Hours - Customisable to your needs.

 Commission as Low as 15% capped to an max amount p/w.

 Company Hire Vehicles Provided.

 Weekly Invoice for Summary of All Journeys

 We Accept Cash, Card & Credit Work.

 You can choose to be paid Daily or Weekly.

 Bookings always allocated to the nearest driver or longest waiting

 Performance Bonuses based on Customer Reviews.

 In-House Mechanics Garage, Body Repair, Tyres & Servicing

 Full Assistance with Accident Claims 

 In-House Recovery Assistance 

 A Wide Variety of Driver Perks.

 Card Readers are provided integrated with the App

 Smart Driver App - Track your Earnings & Journeys.

 User Friendly Driver App & Driver Portal.

 Flexible Smart Casual Dress Code

 We have work for all vehicle types such as 4-16 Passenger Vehicles, Disabled Access & Luxury Vehicles 

Understand the  Benefits further when you join Albatross Cars

The Albatross Cars Benefits 

Flexible Hours

Customisable to your needs

Working flexible hours with Albatross Cars offers numerous advantages. You get to design a schedule that suits your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to balance work and personal commitments seamlessly. This flexibility promotes better work-life harmony, catering to your individual needs and preferences.

Health & Wellness Sessions

We offer a variety of sessions

Offering free Health & Wellness sessions for all our drivers is our commitment to your well-being beyond the road. These sessions aim to support your physical and mental health, providing tools and resources to help you feel your best while on and off duty. We value your health as much as your contributions to our community-driven service.

Competitive Commission Scheme

A Great Structure 

Our competitive commission scheme rewards your hard work and dedication. As you complete more taxi rides, your commission decreases with a cap of an maximum amount per week, maximising your earnings as you thrive in our community-driven service. We accept cash, card & credit work, and all our drivers have the flexible option to have daily payouts or weekly payouts. This approach ensures that the more you contribute, the more you take home—a true testament to our appreciation for your commitment at Albatross Cars.

Discount from our partner stores

A wide range of discounts

Access a multitude of exclusive discounts spanning a diverse range of stores, granting you substantial savings as a valued member of our team. From popular retailers to specialty shops, our extensive network of discounts ensures that you can enjoy cost-effective benefits across various categories, amplifying the advantages of being part of our community-driven service. 

Driver of the Month

Celebrating success

Recognising excellence in our team, we celebrate the Driver of the Month—a distinction honouring outstanding dedication, exceptional service, and unwavering commitment to our community. This accolade goes beyond acknowledgment; it comes with exclusive rewards, public recognition, and the pride of being an exemplary member of our Albatross Taxis family.

Performance Bonuses

Additional Incentives

Elevating our commitment to recognising excellence, we offer a Performance Bonus program designed to reward outstanding dedication and exceptional service. By surpassing performance benchmarks, maintaining high-quality service standards, and garnering positive feedback, drivers have the opportunity to earn bonuses as a testament to their exceptional contributions. 

Referral Schemes

A rewarding opportunity

Introducing our Referral Scheme, a rewarding opportunity for our drivers to amplify their benefits while expanding our community.  This scheme not only encourages team expansion but also cultivates a supportive network within our community, rewarding your efforts in bringing new talent to our team.

Advance Leading Technology

Smart Driver App

Experience the ultimate convenience with our User-Friendly Driver App, now available on both Google Play and the App Store. Effortlessly track your earnings and manage bookings hassle-free. Our integration with Google Maps ensures precision in directions, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable customer journey, as well as bookings will always be allocated to the nearest driver or the longest waiting. Rest assured, support is just a tap away. Enjoy comprehensive assistance through in-app messaging or direct calls. Safety is paramount, which is why our app includes an emergency feature that immediately alerts our dedicated support team and triggers alarms across the entire fleet for swift action. Drivers gain access to a myriad of features, including checking pre-bookings and pending work.


Conveniently manage your driver wallet and effortlessly withdraw earnings. Additionally, unlock exclusive driver perks designed to enhance your experience. We're committed to continual improvement. Expect regular updates introducing new features such as optimizing your route while heading back home, providing available work opportunities along your route, and a host of evolving functionalities, ensuring both drivers and passengers enjoy the best possible experience. Enhancing privacy, our app facilitates communication with customers through caller ID protection, ensuring a secure and seamless interaction

In-House Garage

Discounted for all our drivers

At Albatross Cars, our commitment to our drivers extends beyond the road. Partnering with Auto Centre Derby an integral part of the Albatross Group, we offer comprehensive support for our fleet. From mechanical repairs to tyre replacements, body repairs, servicing, valeting, and recoveries, we've got you covered - With 24/7 Full Assistance with any Accident Claims.


Our drivers always receive top-notch service with expedited priority and enjoy discounted rates on both labor and parts. We prioritise your needs to ensure that our fleet stays on the road efficiently and affordably.

24/7 Support 

Dedicated Team to all our Fleet

At Albatross Cars, our drivers are our priority, which is why we offer round-the-clock dedicated support. Every call from our drivers receives top priority, ensuring immediate attention whether it's regarding customer inquiries or addressing any issues with the driver app. You'll always connect with a real person, ready to assist with any queries you may have. Experience instant assistance with all calls answered promptly by our efficient call center team. Additionally, our in-app features enable direct messaging to reach our support team directly, providing another convenient avenue for quick resolution of any concerns.

albatross cars derby

The Albatross Cars
Driver Perks
When you join

Access 100's of Discounts Across the UK


Start Today

Join us and become part of the Albatross Cars family, where you'll have the chance to grow in your career and make a positive impact on our community. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you embark on a fulfilling journey with us.

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