Press Release - Were customers wrongfully charged?
A response to Paige Oldfield's article in the Derby Telegraph on the 16th May 2019 titled: 'Albatross Cars apologises after taxi customers wrongly charged on app'


On the 16th May 2019 a reporter from the Derby Telegraph named Paige Oldfield wrote an article about Albatross Cars (article below) stating that our customers “were charged for journeys they never took.”

After investigation of the matter it was concluded that these customers booked taxis on the 31st January 2019 and were NOT charged for the taxis THEY DID TAKE so the transactions were REPROCESSED by Judopay on the 10th May.

As a gesture of good will for the inconvenience caused every customer who made a complaint on and before Tuesday 14th May 2019 will have their transactions refunded (even though they weren’t charged for their taxi on 31st January 2019).

For the inconvenience caused Albatross Cars will also give every customer who complained a free taxi ride up to the value of £5.00 on their next booking.

Again – we at Albatross Cars would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused and if you have any further concerns on the transactions after Tuesday 14th May 2019 please reach out to your bank who may be able to refund this for you 


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