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We are the only form of ground transportation where you pay for the trip afterwards and unfortunately we do sometimes get customers who don’t pay. So any trip which involves going outside of Derby we encourage all drivers to take the fare upfront. Please do not be offended. Thank you

We firstly want to apologise if your taxi was late. Secondly we want to let you know we try our best to make sure your taxi is on time. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control such as traffic we do run late on occasions and it is for this reason we cannot offer refunds or discounts. But we will continue to strive to provide the best possible service to our customers

The first time you use your card with our free app there is a pre-authorisation charge which is refunded.

14a Midland Rd, Derby, DE12SN – it’s directly opposite Royal Mail and 1 minutes walking distance from Derby train station

It is common for the price of the journey to vary depending on the traffic conditions, time of day and the route the driver took. If you feel you have been overcharged please contact us and our system can check the GPS reports of the driver for your particular journey.

If you’ve called in to make a booking you can ask your driver for a receipt. If you want a receipt for a previous journey simply call our call centre on 01332 345 345 and and an agent will email you a receipt. If you’ve booked a taxi with our free app you will automatically be emailed a receipt at the end of the journey.

We were the first taxi company in Derby to charge normal rates all year round whether it was bank holiday, Christmas or New Years Eve. 

The only time we have ever charged extra was when the road conditions are so bad due to heavy snow. And the only reason we have recently started doing this is because when heavy snow occurs you get a shortage of taxi drivers on the road – which means taxis which normally take 5-10 minutes can take up to 1 hour. The slight price increase encourages the self-employed taxi drivers to keep working meaning our customers can still get to their destinations in a reasonable time despite the adverse whether conditions.

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